Principal Roles

There are a number of principal roles in Wizard of Oz...
Role Cast Character Note
Dorothy Gale Adrienne Cox / Becca Attfield (Matinee) Friendly, kind, loyal, open, practical, straightforward and trusting. Dorothy befriends almost everyone that she meets. She hears what people say and kindly offers help and suggestions. She has completely open channels of communication between her and everyone else. She is loyal to her family and friends, practical in organizing her day and straightforward in her interactions. Despite her practicality, she trusts in the good of others and the fun of life. Must be post GCSE (over 16 and in 6th form or equivalent) and not be allergic to dogs!!
Hank/ Scarecrow Chris Dale Says he has no brain but proves through the course of the story that he's had one all along!
Hickory/ Tinman Gus Quintero-Fryatt As with Scarecrow, says he has no heart, but the story shows that he's always had a heart.
Zeke/ Cowardly Lion Kevin Summers At first seems afraid of everyone but proves his bravery as the show progresses.
Aunt Em (may not be doubled) Jane O'Sullivan Careworn but caring.
Glinda Nicola Shaw / Alicia Marson (Matinee) Sparkly and pretty.
Uncle Henry (cameo) Howard Collis
Miss Gulch/ Wicked Witch of the West Andrew Donovan Needs good character acting!
Prof. Marvel/ Wizard Tim Shepherd Turns out not to be as mystical and powerful as he's pretending to be.

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