Steel Magnolias

Kiss Me Kate8th - 11th June

"Laughter through tears is my favourite emotion"

Join six witty, eccentric and heart warming characters as they gossip, live, learn and laugh through the trials and triumphs of life. Steel Magnolias provokes thought and emotion by portraying human strength and

The action takes place in Truvy's beauty salon where anyone who's anyone goes to get their hair done.

Experience heart break and humour in this snap shot of Southern American life. The play comes to a dramatic climax when tragedy battles comedy leading to a spine tingling conclusion.

All Tickets £12 - Capitol Horsham Box Office - 01403 750220

The Cast

Annelle Sheryl Hill
Truvy Tess Kennedy
Clairee Alison Shapley
Shelby Racheal Down
M'Lynn Lin Roworth-Stokes
Ouiser Gill Sutton

The NODA Review - 26th June, 2011.

Thank you so much for inviting us to see your great production of Steel Magnolias. Every thing about this show had a touch of professionalism from the opening with the most beautifully arranged set with all the correct props, wonderful scenery and a most impressive basin with running water. The effort was so worth while, Dave, seeing the ladies with genuinely wet hair being rolled up and brushed out. My congratulations to the director and all the crew, especially Steff, for a wonderful setting, but I felt that the scene changes were a little long. The costumes were great especially the festive Christmas outfits at the end of act one. I loved the scissors ‘embroidered’ onto the jumper.

The cast all maintained their Southern accents well and the sound effects certainly had their desired effect. There were so many little touches which added to the comedy of the show such as the use of imaginary mirrors, the problems Annelle had trying to put rollers into Lin’s hair when she kept turning her head to chat and above all the superb chair rolling action from mirror to dressing table. All these ideas added to making this production a comedy as well as a really moving and sad play.

All 6 members of the cast appeared to be word perfect giving each other good support. Tess Kennedy (Truvy) was every inch the Beauty Salon owner with a heart of gold and Lin Roworth Stokes (M’Lynn) and Rachael Down (Shelby) were both very moving in the roles as mother and daughter. Alison Shapley (Clairee) managed to look relaxed and realistic all the time despite long periods without speaking and Gill Sutton (Ouiser) made us picture her life with her dog as if we had known her for years. For me the star of this production was Sheryl Hill (Annelle) with her wonderful facial expressions, reactions to everyone else conversations and her excellent use of pauses and timing. My congratulations to you all for a really great evening entertainment.

Report by Jose Harrison. South East Area Noda Rep for District 9.