Fiddler on the roof programme cover20th - 24th April 2010

The Story

The show is set in the Indian territory at the turn of the century when cattlemen and farmers were fighting over fences and water rights. In the middle of that controversy are two more rivalries. One between a cowboy called Curly and a hired hand named Jud, both in love with Laurey. The second involves Ado Annie, Will and Ali Hakim, a trio that will provide plenty of laughs.

A ranch hand encounters Aunt Eller and Laurey. Curly and Laurey have a secret passion for one another but they are too nervous to admit their feelings to one another. Curly expresses his feelings on how he would like to take Laurey to the box social that night.

Meanwhile Will Parker has just returned from Kansas City. He along with other cowboys tell stories of the modern city to the on looking ladies. Will is in fact in love with Ado Annie who herself is involved with a travelling salesman, Ali Hakim. Annie and Will finally get together and Ali is married (nearly at the point of a gun) to Gertie.

Curly is upset to discover that Laurey has asked Jud Fry, a menacing field hand, to take her to the box social. To see what the fuss is over Jud, Curly makes a trip over to his smoke house. Laurey is now uncertain and she wishes she had not asked Jud Fry, and asked Curly instead.

At the box social onlookers bid on hampers containing home made food. When it comes to Laurey's hamper, Jud and Curly both fight over bids. Curly wins after selling all he owns and later Jud runs off with Laurey who, frustrated, fires him and breaks down.

When Curly comes to her rescue they admit their love for each other. Three weeks later, they are married and Jud re appers. Curly frantically fights him and Jud falls on his own knife. Curly is announced not guilty in a court and the show ends happily as Laurey and Curly ride off in their surrey with the fringe on top.

The music and lyrics have proven to be some of the best in musical theatre with songs that include "Oh What a Beautiful Morning", "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top", People Will Say We're in Love, "I Can't Say No", "Oklahoma! and many more, making this a musical treat for all the family.


Oklahoma! broke all box office records when it opened in 1943. As the first musical to tell a story with music, dance and lyrics, Oklahoma! forever changed the form of musical theatre.It is considered by many to be the first musical comedy to have a plot, musical score and dances that were necessary ingredients to advance the story line.

Oklahoma! was the first collaboration between Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II.

Oklahoma! was the first musical to have its entire score recorded, thus creating the original cast album.

Oklahoma! won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1944.

Oklahoma! was the first show choreographed by Agnes de Mille.

Oklahoma! was the longest running musical during it's day. It held the record for 15 years, until it was taken over by My Fair Lady!!

Original Cast Included: Betty Garde, Alfred Drake, Joan Roberts, Joseph Buloff, Celeste Holm, Howard Da Silva, Lee Dixon, Joan McCracken, Bambi Linn, George S. Irving, George Church, Ralph Riggs, Marc Platt & Katharine Sergava

Oklahoma! was the first musical to have a single-word title ending with an exclamation mark! ... Or was it?

The Oklahoma! Cast

Aunt Eller Jane O’ Sullivan
Curly Mark Freeman
Laurey Siobhan McMahon
Will Parker Ian Blackmore
Jud Fry Tim Shepherd
Ado Annie Katy Kinsella
Ali Hakim Kevin Summers
Gertie Cummings Roz Hall
Andrew Carnes Rodney Wright
Ike Adrian Taylor
Cord Elam Gregor Thomson
Fred Stephen Gadd
Slim Chris Hampton
Dancing Jud Kevin Summers
Dancing Curly Adrian Taylor
Dancing Laurey Roz Hall

Farmers and Cowmen

Wives and Daughters

Barry Syder Alicia Marson
David Skipp Amy Blaskett
Grahame Gibson Angela Baker
Gregor Thomson Cat Ward
Hilton Carr Charlotte Taylor
Jonathan Wilson Chrissie Tomkin
Philip Chadwell Daisy O’Sullivan
Stephen Gadd Elesa Bussey
Stephen Tomkin Gill Tanner
Vernon Jennings Jackie Shepherd
  June Randall
  Lisa Falkner
  Loraine Underwood
  Lynn Andrews
  Nicola Wilson
  Sarah Taylor
  Yvonne Mavrelos-Varney