Crazy for you

About the show

Crazy for You is a two act tap dancing musical comedy for stage written by Ken Ludwig featuring music by Ira and George Gershwin. Opening at the Shubert Theatre on Broadway on February 19, 1992, it originally ran for 1622 performances. This musical is an adaptation of the George and Ira Gershwin-written musical Girl Crazy (1930).

Crazy for You won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 1992.


The time: the 1930s; the place: New York City. Banking heir and show biz wannabe Bobby Child auditions for Broadway impresario Bela Zangler but fails to make the grade. His mother demands that he give up his dreams of becoming a song-and-dance man and leave for Deadrock, Nevada, to foreclose on a long-empty theatre.

Once in Deadrock, Bobby meets Polly Baker, the only girl in town. In true musical theatre fashion, they sing, dance and fall head-over-heels in love. When Bobby recognizes that Polly's father owns the theatre he has come to claim, he convinces her they can put on a show to raise money and save the property. Polly is enthusiastic until she realizes that he is the banker who has come to foreclose on the property. She slaps him and runs away.

Bobby is determined to go ahead with the show, pay off the mortgage and win Polly's heart. He persuades his chorus girl pals from Broadway to join him in Deadrock for the show. The town is soon swarming with Follies Girls, along with Bobby disguised as Bela Zangler. As rehearsals progress, "Bela" tries to persuade Polly to give Bobby another chance. Polly confesses she has already fallen in love with him - Bela! Not at all what Bobby planned.

On the opening night, the theatre is empty. Bobby, still disguised, apologizes for letting everyone down. Polly forgives him, saying he has brought a new spirit to their lives. As the townsfolk celebrate, the real Bela Zangler stumbles into the scene unnoticed and faints.

Later in the saloon, Bobby discards his disguise to show Polly that he is the man she loves, but the real Bela enters. Polly greets him with a kiss, as a despairing Bobby heads upstairs with a bottle of liquor. After Polly leaves, Bobby returns, falling down drunk and once again dressed as Bela. There are now two Belas in the room, each too drunk to realize the other is there.

The next morning, Bobby and Bela awake with matching attire and hangovers. Bobby forgets he is still disguised and speaks in his normal voice. Polly storms out, furious that Bobby made her look like a fool.

Later, the company meets to discuss whether to attempt another performance. The vote is to give up, and Bobby leaves for New York. When Bela finally sees the theatre, he recognizes its potential and immediately starts working to bring the failed show back to life.

After a short time in New York, Bobby sees that he can't live without Polly and heads back to Deadrock. Polly, now a star in Bela's show, realizes that she wants to be with Bobby after all. They reunite and dance into the sunset together.

Cast and Characters

Bela Zangler
Kevin Summers

Loraine Taylor

Gregor Thomson

Bobby Child
Adrian Taylor

Barry Syder

David Skipp

Helen Hilliard

Stephen Gadd

Eugenie Fodor
Alison Shapley

Everett Baker
Howard Collis

Chris Hampton

Irene Roth
Charlotte Taylor

Amy Blaskett

Lank Hawkins
Philip Chadwell

Lottie Child
Lynn Andrews

Sarah Taylor

Ruth Bristow

Vernon Jennings

Jackie Shepherd

Elesa Bussey

Tim Shepherd

Esther Francis

Christine Tomkin

Fodor Yvonne Chadwell

Polly Baker
Siobhan McMahon

Oliver Gadd

Lisa Falkner

Paul Smith

Amy Parker

Frances Douglas

Sam Stressing