Love Begins at 50 (play)

About the play

This hilarious fast paced play centres around Anita and Clive Debanks uneventful 28 year marriage. The loveless marriage had been plodding along with neither party having fulfilment in their roles as husband and wife. All is about to change. Anita Debanks, a Hyacinth Bucket character, who believes she has married below her class, is involved in every committee and charity going to escape her dull marriage; or so we are lead to believe. Clive Debanks, instead of buying leather trousers and a Harley, decides to sow his last seed before he reaches his dreaded 50th birthday, egged on by his close friend and bad influence, Jack. The local newspaper not only fuels Clive’s mission to meet a woman by showing lonely hearts adds which source his quest for a new Woman. It provides source for Anita to try and win a cruise by entering a perfect marriage competition. The fast pace and mistaken identity fuels hilarious scenes where we meet odd and outrageous characters that bring this play to life. Clive gets more than he bargained for when his three lonely hearts turn up in the space of the 30 minutes. One, a crazy sales person looking for her next lead, one trying out the men for her mum and the last of his visits, a shy and sweet woman who ticked every box. They embark on a secret affair. To add to the hilarity, in pops a cheeky Del Boy local reporter trying to narrow down the candidates for the perfect couple competition. Mistaken identity, miscommunication and hidden twists will leave the audience not only laughing and empathising but the play will keep them guessing as to what will happen next.


Anita Debanks (Louise Blewitt)
Well educated. Feels she has married below herself, and consequently treats her husband with content and intolerance.




Clive Debanks (Kevin Summers)
A romantic who has been starved of love and affection by his wife. Happy to let the world go by. Very easy going.


Jack Reynolds (Tim Shepherd)
Confirmed bachelor who likes female company without commitment. Down to earth and lives for today.



Claire Murphy (Jackie Shepherd)
Has a habit of miss-interpreting a situation and will often say the wrong thing. A life-long friend of Anita Debanks.

Tracey Barton (Lorin Newman)
Has lots of her mother’s traits, although she does have a compassionate side to her nature. Likes keeping up with modern fashion and makes the most out of the appearance.

Annabelle Wickson (Amy Blaskett)
Good looking and slim. Can be outspoken. Searching for a life of fun after being emotionally drained the break-up of her parents’ marriage.

 Mavis Legit (Jean Salmon)
Gives the appearance of being slightly doddery, but is always able to hold her own.

Emily Roberts (Juliet Stemp)
Comes from a poor background. Has never married. Shy and considerate.

Henry Clarke (Paul Smith)
A cockney with a lot of silly chatter. Has a happy-go-lucky attitude to life. A flash dresser.


This Original farce, which has three male parts and six female parts, broke all box office records during its summer season in Torquay

Amateur stage reviewed the play in Torquay in January 1999 and described it as “Frenetically Funny” and “A Fast and furious farce that provides hilarious opportunities”.

St. Anne’s Player latest Production Love Begins at Fifty, proved to be a popular choice with the audience, which resulted in a laughter packed evening where no one left the Parish hall disappointed.