High Society


Chairman’s Chat by Ray Fisher

It only seems a few weeks ago that I was writing this piece for SuperStar – time really flies by.

Many people have asked me “How do HAODS choose the shows to do?” So I asked Tim Shepherd, the Chairman of our Show Reading Committee (SRC), how they go about choosing shows. This was his reply,

“We have a round table ideas session, sharing existing knowledge about shows that have been suggested, either by SRC members or by other HAODS members. We then shortlist by consensus and ask individual committee members to research shows in greater depth against a set of agreed criteria. Once all shows have been properly researched, a thorough assessment is put together for each one. The SRC then recommends a shortlist to main Committee for consideration.”

The main Committee try to pick out a good mix of shows to give all members a chance to demonstrate what they can do and to make sure we offer our audience a wide range of styles. Lots of shows which we would love to do are either unavailable or would be impossible for us to cast. Finally the Committee’s choices are put to the whole membership for a vote.

We are working over 2 years ahead and are now deciding which productions to perform in 2008!

High Society is one of the good old shows but you will find that it has been considerably updated, with some things missing and new things added, so please sit back and “enjoy”.

Musical Numbers

High Society
Ridin’ High
Throwing a Ball Tonight
Little One
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
I Love Paris
She’s Got That Thing
Once Upon a time
True Love
Let’s Misbehave
I’m Getting Myself Ready for You
Just One of Those Things
Well, Did You Evah!
You’re Sensational
Say it With Gin
It’s All Right with Me
He’s A Right Guy
I Worship You



The Story

The story is set in 1948 when Tracy Samantha Lord is about to marry her second husband, George Ketteridge. Her mother, Mrs Margaret Lord, and her younger sister, Dinah, are at the family mansion in Philadelphia supervising last minute preparations. Her father, Seth Lord, is absent ostensibly on business. Sydney Kidd, editor of "Spy" Magazine is determined to get the inside story on the wedding and blackmails Dexter Haven, (Tracy's first husband who is still coming to terms with the failure of their marriage) to arrange for two journalists, Liz Imbrie and Mike

Connor, to pose as guests and obtain an exclusive story. Tracy shows a great deal of interest in Mike's ambition to become a successful author, causing jealousy from both Liz and George: her erratic behaviour on the eve of the wedding leads to it being called off just as the guests arrive for the ceremony. The show's finale is a spectacular double wedding; Tracy and Dexter, Liz and George!



The Cast

Principle Cast

Tracy Lord

Roz Hall

Dinah Lord

Amy Blaskett

Margaret Lord

Heather Kemeys

Liz Imbrie

Karen Robinson

Dexter Haven

Damian MacDonald

Mike Connor

Tim Wray

George Kittredge

Steve Cox

Uncle Willie

Howard Collis

Seth Lord

Michael Wheeler


Lynn Andrews, Claire Banks, Franki Brindle, Elesa Bussey, Jan Critchley, Rachel Farrant, Candie Lintern, Suzi Ludlow, Jane O’Sullivan, Amy Parker, June Randall, Jackie Shepherd, Christine Tomkin,

Philip Chadwell, Chris Hampton, Mark Jones, Kevin Summers, Bryan Swain, Gregor Thomson



Kitty Loveridge (leader)

Val Sutlief


Chris Elvin


Connie Alexander

Double Bass

Sue Denyer


Neil Franks

Alison Helsby

Karen Franks


Nick Trish


Trevor Denyer


Tim Wade


Chris Ford


Iris Holmes


John Vinal

Production Team

Director & Choreographer

Yvonne Chadwell

Musical Director

John Vinall


Clifford and Brown







For Horsham District Council

General Manager

Michael Gattrell




Production Manager

Bryan Swain

Stage Manager

Tim Lawrence

Deputy Stage Manager

Tony Francis

Lighting Design & Operations

Tim Lawrence

Sound Operator

Steve McEvoy

Follow Spot Operators

Tim Ayres,

Keith Greenwood


Peter Shapley

Stage Crew

Dave Fuller,

Brian Greenwood,


Derek Mileham,

Duncan Morton

Properties Manager

Tim Ayres


Alix Chadwell

Stephanie Daly,

Mary Lejeune,


Daisy O’Sullivan


Esther Betts,


Barbara Gumbrill


Alison Shapley

Rehearsal Pianist

Iris Holmes

Box Office Manager

Jean Salmon

Publicity & Programme

Mary Lejeune

Cast Photography

Ray Fisher

Front of House Manager

Gill Tanner

Green Room Steward

Carrie Collis