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South Pacific

Chairman's Chat...
by Ray Fisher

Welcome to South Pacific . As I am sure you know this year is HAODS’ 50th year of theatre in Horsham. We are celebrating our half century with this show, a Gala Dinner in June and My Fair Lady in November. I wonder if those founder members back in the early fifties were aware of what they were starting!

Again you will see a number of new faces on the stage in this show and I am pleased to say that our membership is still growing steadily. If you would like to be involved with HAODS in some way or other, membership is currently only £10 per year! Have a look at our website or ring Howard Collis, our Membership Secretary, on 01403 241240. I am sure you would enjoy being part of our happy group.

As you watch the show you will be very aware of the people on stage and of the Orchestra. However, they are only the tip of the iceberg! Surprisingly, approximately 160 people have been involved in the creation of this show – what a team! – my thanks go to all of them. As usual, our Wardrobe and Props teams have made most of the costumes and props for this show; we are very lucky to have so many talented members working away – unseen and often un-thanked!

HAODS are also very lucky to have such a superb rehearsal facility at HAODS House in the Broadbridge heath Sports Centre; without this building it would be very difficult to produce these big shows.

Please sit back and let us entertain you!

The Story...

Based on james A Michener’s Pulitzer prize winning Tales of the South Pacific, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s musical is a heady mix of wartime love story and cultural tension. Ensign Nellie Forbush is stationed on an island in the South Pacific, as part of the support team to the US Navy during America’s struggle against the Japanese in World War II.

Nellie meets, and falls in love with, Emile de Becque, a French planter who left France under a cloud and has made the island his home. Nellie struggles to come to terms with the fact that Emile has two children by a Polynesian woman. Can her love for Emile break down the racial and cultural barriers ingrained in her?

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Joseph Cable, of the US Marines, meets Liat, a young Polynesian girl, and on the “special island" of Bali Ha’i, falls in love with her. But he, too, has been brought up to mistrust people whose skin is not the same colour as his own, and though cajoled and persuaded by Liat’s mother, Bloody Mary, Joe knows he can never marry Liat.

With enemy forces drawing ever nearer to the island, Emile and Joe volunteer for a dangerous mission to gain intelligence on the progress of the Japanese forces. When Nellie realises Emile is part of the assignment, she realises that her love for him is the most important part of her life – if only Emile will come back, so she can tell him..


Principals — In Order of Appearance

Ensign Nellie Forbush

Jaime Crick

Emile de Becque

Chris Shanks

Ngana, his daughter

Katie Frampton

Jerome, his son

Adam Hoskins

Henriette, his servant

Iris Wright

Bloody Mary

Tess Kennedy

Liat, her daughter

Rachael Down

Bloody Mary’s assistant

Elesa Bussey

Luther Billis

James McDermott


Philip Chadwell


Anthony Garman

Lt Joseph Cable, US Marine Corps

Kevin Summers

Capt George Brackett, US Navy

Howard Collis

Cmdr William Harbison, US Navy

Bryan Swain

Lt Buzz Adams

Chris Hampton

Yeoman Herbert Quale, sailor

James Corek

Radio Operator, Bo McCaffrey, sailor

Stephen Gadd


Stanley Blum

MP Officer

Edwin Skaer




Yvonne Chadwell


Jan Critchley


Debby Crunden


Gill Tanner



Lt Genevieve Marshall

Juliet Sumner



Islanders, Nurses

Amy Blaskett


Claire Banks


Laura Crump


Rachel Farrant


Mags Fisher


Production Team


Stephanie Swain

Musical Director

Brian D. Steel


Yvonne Chadwell

Production Manager

Bryan Swain

Stage Manager

Tim Lawrence

Lighting Operator

Tony Cloutt

Sound Operator

Steve McEnvoy

Follow Spot

Tim Ayres


Keith Greenwood


Steve Eager


Alison Shapley


Esther Betts


Barbara Gumbrill

Rehearsal Pianist

Iris Holmes

Box Office Manager

David Sumner

Publicity and Programme

Juliet Sumner


Ray Fisher

Front of House manager

Ray Fisher

Stage Crew

Duncan Morton

Dave Fuller

Tony Francis

Brian Greenwood

Peter Shapley

Nigel Cloutt

Properties Crew

Hugh Addy

Alix Chadwell

Kevin Crump

Mary Lejeune

Stella Lillywhite

Steff Dance

Laura Woodgate


Green Room Steward

Carrie Collis