The Story

Set in Chicago in the late 1920's the story revolves around two less than pure ladies, Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart. Roxie murders her lover and meets in prison Velma, who has murdered her husband. With the aid of the prison matron, a disreputable lawyer and any trick they can think of they seek freedom and to make their fortunes in vaudeville.

From The Chairman

A very warm welcome is extended to you for our second production in HAODS fortieth anniversary year.

During that period, we have presented virtually every famous musical you might think of (many twice or more!), from The Desert Song (1954), South Pacific (1960, 1982 & 1993) The Sound Of Music (1984) and again in April this year.

We are very proud to still be performing in Horsham after forty years and, according to the many spontaneous compliments members receive, maintaining an enviably high standard of presentation in all departments. It is a pleasure for us to perform in the Horsham Arts Centre and to have our own lovely premises for rehearsals.

On the 11th June we celebrated our fortieth anniversary with a Gala Dinner and Ball in the Arts Centre. It was very interesting talking with some of the two hundred people who could recall HAODS formative years. Six people chipped in with 1 each to stage The Desert Song in 1954. No bills could be paid until after the show was finished but with 6 in the "kitty", enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to a love for the theatre, all were confident of success for our very first production.

Much has changed over forty years and the running of HAODS is almost a full time job. Bills have to be paid, sometimes well before we begin a production planned eighteen months in advance, with a budget set at 11,000. We have been fortunate indeed to still have as our President, the great Norman Wisdom, who in his heyday of the 50's and 60's was widely acknowledged as the country's greatest and most versatile star.

We are equally proud that Sir Michael Checkland, formerly Director-General of the BBC, has honoured us by agreeing to become our Vice-President. Together with his wife, Sue, Michael has always been supportive of our productions and I am sure we are going to have a long and enjoyable association with them.

Sheila E Brown

Some of the cast

The cast

(Roxie Hart)

Jill joined HAODS in 1984 when 'Chicago' was previously performed. She then worked 'behind the scenes' and was a member of the stage crew during show week, but she recalls being in awe of all the 'stars' out there on the stage. Jill comments "It seems like only yesterday yet such a lot has happened." Jill has played a variety of parts, those she most enjoyed include Hodel in 'Fiddler on the Roof', Kate in 'Pirates of Penzance', Andy in 'Stepping Out' and Charity in 'Sweet Charity'. More recently she played Tracy in 'High Society'. Jill lives near Horsham with her husband Chris and son Sam.

A member of HAODS for thirteen years, Michael was part of the backstage crew for the previous production of 'Chicago'. Since then he has appeared in a number of musicals in various disguises and has acted in HAODS plays - 'Absent Friends' and 'Blythe Spirit'. After a short period 'resting', Michael welcomes the chance to front the stage as Billy in this production.

(Velma Kelly)

Becky has grown up with HAODS, having had many minor roles in 'Half a Sixpence', 'Godspell' and recently as Liesl in 'Sound of Music'. In this, her first lead role, she plays the sultry Velma. Becky has always been interested in stage work since she played in pantomime at the age of seven. She lives in Horsham and follows family tradition with her interest in drama.

(Amos Hart)
Howard has been a HAODS member since he moved to Horsham about 20 years ago and has become a familiar face on stage at the Arts Centre. His debut was in a summer revue and since then he has appeared in almost all HAODS productions to date, his most recent being Dexter in 'High Society'. He has played lead roles in 'Camelot', 'Godspell' and 'Hans Andersen', but his all time favourite was 'Mr Cinders'. Howard is a mathematics teacher and the society's Treasurer. He lives with his wife Carrie at Broadbridge Heath.

Sue has been interested in drama for many years. Her first time on stage with HAODS was in 1965 in 'Calamity Jane' when she stood in for one performance for another cast member who had been taken ill. For that performance she had to learn a demanding dance routine as well as the other requirements of the part. Sue then decided she would be more involved in the future and took a part in the following production of 'Carousel'. In 'Chicago' she portrays Matron Mama Morton who at Cook County Jail takes the six resident murderesses under her wing and makes a fine profit in doing so.

(Fred Casely)
Since joining HAODS six years ago, John has regularly appeared in the chorus and has also held various roles, usually in the shape of a law enforcer of some kind. More recently he played Squire Dap in 'Camelot'. John lives in Horsham and is a banker by profession. He is also a volunteer Steward here at the Arts Centre.

Production Crew


"In my tenth year with HAODS, I am once again taking on the role of director and Fitting rehearsals and production planning into a busy life with two young children and a well as working as an accountant is not easy, but can be great fun! When not out at HAODS house, I enjoy Ballet, keeping fit and being with the family." Previous recent credits include Pirates of Penzance, Blithe Spirit, Godspell and High Society.

Musical Director

Stephen trained as a clarinetist at the Guildhall School of Music. Since graduating in 1986 he has worked as a professional musician on clarinet and saxophone as well as conductor, where his career aspirations lie. He leads a very busy life and has a band available for any event where ample supplies of beer are available. His hobbies include eating, drinking and telling jokes.

Cast list


Peter Gardner

Velma Kelly

Becky Sturt

Roxie Hart

Jill Brock

Fred Casely

John Billington

Sergeant Fogarty

Philip Chadwell

Amos Hart

Howard Collis


Susan Elsemere


Gill Lawrence


Nicola Shaw


Mags Fisher


Louise Blewett

Martin Harrison

Terry Swoffer


Sue Sturt

Billy Flynn

Michael Wheeler

Mary Sunshine

S. Gadd

Go-To-Hell Kitty

Jayne Payne


Bryan Swain

The Judge

Ron Lee

Court Clerk

Ken Taylor

Other Reporters, Officals, Flappers and bystanders

Helen Brazier, Linda Crump, Irene Elsborn, Caron Ireland, Jane O'Sullivan, Treesa Potter, Paul Fenton, Richard Johnson.

Musical Numbers

All That Jazz
Funny Honey
Cell Block Tango
WhenYou're Good To Mama
All I Care About
A Little Bit of Good
We Both Reached For The Gun
I Can't Do It Alone
Chicago After Midnight
My Own Best Friend
I Know A Girl
Me And My Baby
Mister Celophane
When Velma Takes The Stand
Razzel Dazzel
Fomale - Honey Rag